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Swedish Meatloaves {Hello Fresh Review}

Swedish Meatloaves {Hello Fresh Review}

Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday! Aren't you so glad Monday is already over? Haha, but really, to help get this week started, I’m reviewing a Hello Fresh meal for you today!

I have always been intrigued by these meal delivery boxes, but I was always a little skeptical.  I enjoy all parts of the cooking process, so I didn’t know if this would really be “worth it” for me.

In the process of full disclosure and transparency, I was able to try my first Hello Fresh box for free. My Mom had started getting the meal delivery box service, and she sent me a code for a free box. So I decided to give it a shot!

For my first box, I selected the “Classic Plan” (which is basically NOT vegetarian) with 3 recipes + portions for 2 people.

HFMeatloves 1

I will say, I was pretty impressed by the packaging of the box. All ingredients were in cute labeled paper bags sitting on top of a block of dry ice, with the more temperature sensitive items (aka: meat), sitting below the block of dry ice.

There was plenty of ice and everything was still nice and cold when I opened the box.

The day I got my box I made my first meal:

Swedish Meatloaves + Gravy with Roasted Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, and Red Currant Jam

HFMeatloves 2

I will say, for my first meal, this recipe had A LOT of steps. Let me take you through the recipe.

HFMeatloves 3

First you wash and chop the produce:

  • Dice the onion
  • Cut the potatoes into 1 inch cubes
  • Peel then cut the carrots on a diagonal into cute little coins, like this:
HFMeatloves 4

Then you pop those carrots into the oven to roast for about 15 minutes. While that is roasting, get the potatoes boiling into some water for 15 minutes as well. During that time frame, mix up the meat and shape into 2-3 little loaves.

*Note: The recipe says to shape into 2 loaves, however my carrots were cooking quickly. I made 3 loaves in order to cut down on the overall cooking time.

Then you sear the meatloaves in a pan with oil (+ a little butter) to brown the outsides.

HFMeatloaves 5

Once browned, put them on the same sheet pan as the carrots to full cook for another 10-15 minutes.

*Note The recipe says cook for 20-30 minutes, but my carrots would have been way overcooked had I listened to the recipe 100%. But this could be variable depending on your oven. 

While that is cooking you mash up the potatoes with milk + butter:

HFMeatloaves 6

After the potatoes are mashed, set aside to keep warm and make the pan gravy. What I really do like is all of the ingredients are {for the most part} pre-measured out. So very minimal guess-work there! Once the sauce is made (about 10-ish minutes later) every there should be ready to plate!

HFMeatloves 7

I served myself one meatloaf + hearty portion of carrots + smaller portion of potatoes. Served with the gravy and red currant jam on the side. I loved how the red currant jam paired with the meatloaf. That perfect sweet + savory combo.

HFMeatloves 8

Overall Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by this meal. I really enjoyed the flavor of the dish and this is definitely something I would not have typically made at home. My major takeaways:

  • Good portion of meat, vegetables, and starch
  • Dish Flavor = 5 Stars!
  • I did have to alter the original recipe in a few spots
  • Took longer than my typical week-night dinner meal to make (45+ minutes)

I would definitely make this meal again! I really liked the flavors, and we got a decent portion of food. I was able to get my dinner + my boyfriend's dinner + leftover potatoes & 1 meatloaf. However, for the length this dish took, I wish I had way more leftovers. Putting all of that hard work and effort in for very minimal leftovers was the biggest let-down for me.


I think this could easily be corrected if I were to get two meals for 4 people {Family Plan} vs. three meals for 2 people {Classic Plan}. Less cooking + more leftovers = win-win in my book!

What have been your experiences with the meal delivery boxes? Any specific companies you have tried and loved? I would love to review more meal boxes for you all!

If you would like to try Hello Fresh meals for yourself, use code: 29WMCT for $40 off your first box.
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