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Hello Sailor x Buxton Hall BBQ {Dinner Recap}

Hello Sailor x Buxton Hall BBQ {Dinner Recap}

I am here to recap one of the most amazing meal experiences I have ever had. In the beginning of January, while scrolling through Instagram {let’s be honest, a daily occurrence}, Hello Sailor (Craig Deihl) announced they were doing a guest chef dinner with Elliott Moss (Buxton Hall BBQ) and Joe Kindred (Kindred).

No need to read anymore, I wanted to be apart of that immediately! I secured by reservation and made sure to clear my schedule for the night of January 31st. Let me take you through our night, bite by bite.

This was my first time visiting Hello Sailor and the space was so beautiful! The best kind of retro, Palm Springs vibe. I would love to sit at that bar for hours!

Katy Kindred outdid herself with the decor


And what bar is complete without tiki drinks??? I got the “Momma Ain’t Home,” which is their take on a traditional Mai Tai.


The evening started with some passed appetizers which included:

Confit Duck Wings

Too tasty for a photo

Sweet Potato Biscuit

Pimento Cheese + Smoked Pork Tenderloin + Garlic Jam


Crispy Clam Roll

Milk Bread + Crab Mayonnaise + Lettuce


The meal was served family style, so once we got our drinks and had some of the tasty “Snacks,” we headed to the single long table on the porch to enjoy “More Snacks.” That began with:

Bresola & Pate en Croute

aka: cured meat + meat in pastry


Hash & Chicken Bog “Boudin” Balls

kind of like a cross between hush puppies and risotto balls


NOW, we start the “Appetizers”

Hush Puppies

with a yuzo kosho-honey butter


Little Gem Lettuces

rock crab + winter citrus + soft boiled egg


Next up, the “Entrees”

Pit Smoked Crispy St Louis Ribs

goat cheese white bbq sauce + onions and poppy seed breadcrumbs + pickled fennel


Another shot, because these ribs were some of the best ribs I have ever tasted!


Green Beans cooked under a BBQ Pig

crispy nuts + smashed mini potatoes + a hint of citrus


Whole Flounder

extra crispy, yet perfectly moist + major verde + roasted chile mayonnaise


Whole Smoked Duck

coconut rice + curry


A family style meal is never complete without dessert! I magically still had room somehow…

Chess Pie

best crust ever + a creamy lemony filling


Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

toasted sandwich cookies + butterscotch curd + cardamom mallow creme filling + cocoa nibs


And like any good host would think of every detail, they sent us home with homemade vanilla wafers + soft caramel. The perfect little treat to end a perfectly hosted night.

Thanks again for having us Hello Sailor + Buxton Hall BBQ + Kindred!

Honey Sesame Chicken

Honey Sesame Chicken

Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole